What does ARTINA mean?

ARTINA. The roots of the company are hidden in the name of ARTINA. ART - for ars, TIN - for tin and A for Austria.

How do I become a reseller?

Contact us by email: office@artina.at

Where can I buy Artina products?

To do this, contact one of our partners, who you can find in the menu "Dealers"

Is Artina-pewter food safe?

Yes! Artina only uses tin alloys with at least 95% tin. In addition, the food tolerance is checked annually by the Austrian authorities, but also by the FDA / USA (with the strictest criteria worldwide). So enjoy your drinks and food made from Artina pewter!

Is Artina pewter just for decoration or can it also be used?

Use it! Pewter is not only decorative but has very special properties. Drinks, for example, stay cool longer in pewter vessels than in glasses. Try it!

 Do I have to polish pewter regularly?

In truth not! In comparison to silver, pewter does not tarnish. However, a natural patina forms over time, which underlines the character. If you don't want that,

simple clean it with a soft cloth or wash it by hand with soapy water. For more practical tips, see “Care”.

Can you fix up pewter?

Basically yes! You can fix small scratches or dents yourself. You will find valuable information and materials in the pewter care set (Item No. 15003). Our

specialists will be happy to take care of major damage such as holes or broken lids or handles. Simply send a picture in advance so that we can provide you

with a non-binding cost estimate.

Can I serve food on pewter plates?

Naturally! Acidic foods such as tomatoes, oranges, vinegar, ... leave traces, however. Therefore, you should wash and dry your

serving plate immediately after the event (don't wait until the next day).

Pewter dishes in the dishwasher?

NO! Pewter requires hand washing with soapy water (without scratching aids) and immediate drying (with a soft cloth) so that no lime stains remain.

 May I “mix” pewter and silver?

Yes, absolutely! Pewter and silver (cutlery) harmonize perfectly and are a real eye-catcher on every laid table.

What do I do with old tin products? 

Contact us - we will make you an offer.

Which engraving sizes and areas can you mark?

ARTINA technology enables cylinder engravings with a marking radius of 200mm in length up to a full circle. Areas of maximum 600 x 300mm are ideal for your

dedication, logo, portrait, building, coat of arms, etc.

What materials can Artina engrave? 

Pewter, stainless steel, glass, wood, leather, plastic, aluminum, acrylic and cardboard are very easy to read (even with small engravings). Even hard-to-reach or

corrugated areas can be reached with laser engraving.

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