Decanter Care

If you care for your favorite pieces at regular intervals, you can enjoy their shine for a long time.

Please note:

  • Pewter doesn't like dishwashers
  • Do not let any wine residues dry out

How to do it:

It is IMPERATIVE to rinse your decanter with clear water after EVERY use and dry it carefully. The best way to dry the inside is to hang the decanter on a decanter drip stand. Wipe the metal parts of the decanter with a damp cloth and dry them with a soft cloth. In this way, they will keep their lively shine for years. If the vitreous body is heavily soiled or discolored, dissolve an active dental hygiene tab in lukewarm water. This cleaning agent is tasteless and residue-free.

Another option is cleaning with a packet of baking powder and 1 liter of hot water. After the exposure time, swirl the carafe well and rinse well. If you use normal washing-up liquid, it is advisable to add a splash of lemon juice to the warm washing-up water. This gives a streak-free shine, especially with narrow decanters.

An old home remedy is cleaning with salt and vinegar. This method has proven itself especially for the removal of alcohol residues in the glass. You can also add a handful of uncooked rice to

the carafe and then toss it around.

For limescale stains, distilled water is a great way to get rid of the residue.

Another unusual tip is to clean carafes with red wine discoloration with white wine. However, this method is only helpful for minor soiling.

Frequent cleaning in the dishwasher can cause glass corrosion. This is expressed by calcareous, gray spots on the vitreous. Glass corrosion, which is caused by too high temperatures and too

much chemicals in the dishwasher, is irreparable! So, treat your decanter to hand washing and care as described above. It thanks you with an incomparable shine and a long life.

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