The Engraving

Whether personal dedication or zodiac, club logo or coat of arms, sports icon or signature – almost anything is possible with the masterful engraving on your selected piece of ARTINA-pewter. Always remember: The encgraving makes your gift a unique one!

What are the advantages of an ARTINA engraving?

• Already processed data can be called up at any time. Of course, at no extra costs if the size changes.

• More than 100 typefaces are available. Our staff will help to find your favorite!

• The selection of sports icons, coat of arms etc. is almost countless.

• The ARTINA – engravers are specialists. For many years, they develop and make dedications and texts, arrange symbols, …

This experience helps to solve many problems quickly and easily.

• Special operations, such as cuts from sheet material or holes, are possible.

• Laser engraving is applicable in almost all industrial areas: inventory, electronics, mechanics, metal processing, nameplates, numbering, …

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